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Is ecstasy a problem for you?
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What is ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a drug made from different chemicals. It can contain both amphetamines and some hallucinogens. Amphetamines are stimulant drugs which mean they speed up the brain and the central nervous system. Hallucinogens are drugs that can cause people to see, hear, feel or smell things that do not exist (to have hallucinations).

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Methylene DioxyMethAmphetamine


People who make ecstasy often mix or cut the substance with other things to make the drug go further. Some substances in the tablet or powder can have unpleasant or harmful effects. It is difficult to tell what the drug actually contains.

Physical effects can include

  • grind your teeth or clench your jaw
  • feel sick in the stomach (nausea)
  • vomiting
  • sweat more

Effects depend on...

​What ecstasy does to you depends on how much you take, your height and weight, your general health, your mood, your past experience with ecstasy, whether you use ecstasy on its own or with other drugs and the composition of the drug.

  • depression
  • blood pressure rises
  • heart beats faster

How ecstasy affects your body

Tap a body part to learn more of the effects ecstasy places on your body.

Psychological effects can include

  • feel very good and confident
  • feel close or affectionate to other people
  • see, smell, hear or feel things that are not there
  • feel paranoid
  • feel anxious
  • feel as though you are floating
  • behave strangely
  • psychological distress

General information

Is ecstasy a problem for you?

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  • Whether you are having issues with alcohol or other drugs, are concerned about someone else’s alcohol or other drug use, or just have general questions about alcohol or other drugs, you can call ADIS any time of the day or week for support, information, counselling and referral to services in NSW.

    24 hour support line

    1800 422 599

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  • Your Service Hub is an online directory of health and welfare services.

    You can use Your Service Hub to find alcohol and other drug services if you need support for your own or someone else's substance use. Use specific search terms like 'family', 'Aboriginal' and 'drug counselling' to narrow your search down.

    Not sure what service you need? Call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on 9361 8000 (Sydney) or free call 1800 422 599 (NSW regional callers).

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