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A - Z Listing of Drugs


booze, drink, goon, juice, liquor, piss, sauce, grog

Amyl Nitrite

amyl, climax, heart-on, jungle juice aroma, nitrate, nitro, poppers, quiksilver, rush, thrust

Anabolic Steroids

andro, arnies, a's, balls or bulls, caseys, gear, gym candy, hgh, juice, performance & image enhancing drugs, pumpers, roids, stackers, steroids, vets' drugs, weight trainers


benzos, downers, moggies, normies, roofies, rowies, seros, sleepers, temazzies, tranks, tranquillisers, v, vals, xanax


bhang, bud, choof, dope, ganja, grass, hash, hashish, hemp, home grown, hydro, kif, marijuana, mary jane, mull, oobie, pot, resin, skunk, wacky weed, weed, yarndi, zero


blow, charlie, coke, cola, crack, dust, freebase, llello, nose candy, snow, toot, white

Ecstasy (MDMA)

caps, molly, adam, ck, disco biscuit, e, ecstasy, eccy, pills, scooby snacks, x, xtc

Energy drinks and caffeine



china girl, china white, dance fever, goodfella, murder 8, TNT, tango and cash


blue nitro, fantasy, g, gamma hydroxybutyrate, gbh, ghb, gina, grievous bodily harm, liquid e, liquid x


acid, blotter, cid, cubes, liberty caps, liberties, lsd, magic mushrooms, mushrooms, microdot, sacred mushrooms, shrooms, tabs, trips, zen


dragon, gear, h, hammer, harry, horse, junk, opioids, opium, skag, smack


bagging, chroming, gas, glue, huffing, inhaling, poppers, rush, snappers, sniffing


cat tranquilizer, ket, ketaset, ketalar, kitkat, lady k, special k, super k, vitamin k


physeptone, biodone, done


amphetamine, base, crank, crystal, crystal meth, eye openers, glass, go-ee, ice, meth, oxblood, paste, rev, ritalin, shabu, speed, tweak, uppers, wax, whiz, zest

Nitrous Oxide

laughing gas, nitro, N2O, NOS, nangs, whippet, hippy crack, buzz bomb, balloons

Synthetic drugs

bath salts, Spice, spice gold, zombie, flakka, n-bomb, K2, fake weed, bliss, black mamba, smiles, scooby snaks, gypsy herbs, herbal ecstasy


cigarettes, ciggies, fags, rollies, smokes, tabs

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