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Family Drug Support (FDS)

24 hour support line

1300 368 186

Family Drug Support (FDS)

​​ FDS provides telephone support to families in crisis due to drug and alcohol issues. FDS is staffed by volunteers who have firsthand experience of drug dependent family members.

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1/08/2018 3:57 PMROGERS, Peter

Whether you are having issues with alcohol or other drugs, are concerned about someone else’s alcohol or other drug use, or just have general questions about alcohol or other drugs, you can call ADIS any time of the day or week for support, information, counselling and referral to services in NSW.

24 hour support line1800 250 015 Whether you are having issues with alcohol or other drugs, are concerned about someone else’s alcohol or other drug use, or just have general questions about alcohol...Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) NSW
26/06/2018 2:42 PMDIMAURO, Sophie

​​ FDS provides telephone support to families in crisis due to drug and alcohol issues. FDS is staffed by volunteers who have firsthand experience of drug dependent family members.

Find out how FDS can help you here.               

24 hour support line1300 368 186Family Drug Support (FDS)
26/06/2018 2:49 PMDIMAURO, Sophie

​The Get Healthy Service Alcohol Program is a free telephone-based coaching service designed to support you to make healthy lifestyle changes and reduce your alcohol consumption.

The Get Healthy Service offers up to 10 coaching calls to support you to achieve a healthy weight, eat healthier, increase your levels of physical activity and reduce your alcohol consumption by making small simple changes to your lifestyle.

If you are, or know someone who is worried about their level of alcohol consumption then the alcohol reduction program is highly recommended. Our health coach will assess the risk of drinking and provide support and motivation needed to help you reach your health goal. The program uses the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), an internationally validated screening tool to screen for alcohol risk.

What's included?

You will receive 10 free coaching sessions with their own personal health coach and a book containing information about appropriate alcohol intake, an alcohol facts booklet and an alcohol journey book to help keep participants motivated and record their progress.

How to Enrol

The NSW Get Healthy Service is available Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm. To enrol simply call 1300 806 258 or register online at to start your get healthy journey.

Learn more about how the Get Healthy Service can help you here.

Monday to Friday  8am – 8pm1300 806 258Get Healthy Coaching Service
2/08/2018 9:59 AMROGERS, Peter

​Got a question about hep B or hep C? Call the Hepatitis Infoline for confidential information, support and referrals, across NSW. 

You can also search their online Services Directory to find hepatitis services near you. Access the directory by clicking here

Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri - 9am to 5pm,Thurs - 1pm to 5pm1800 803 990Got a question about hep B or hep C? Call the Hepatitis Infoline for confidential information, support and referrals, across NSW. NSW Hepatitis Infoline
29/06/2018 2:55 PMROGERS, Peter

OTL provides information, referrals, support and a forum for pharmacotherapy concerns.  

This is a helpline for people who:

  • are opioid dependent and want to know more about what is available for them; or

  • are currently on an opioid pharmacotherapy program (treatment using prescribed methadone or buprenorphine) or want to be on a program and have questions about treatment; or

  • are having issues with their opioid pharmacotherapy treatment and need information or assistance; or

  • want to know more about the system of opioid treatment in NSW; or

  • are health professionals seeking information, advice and referral 

 OTL also maintains a central register of complaints and concerns about opioid treatment and providers and ensures NSW Health hears your issues to help improve opioid pharmacotherapy treatment in NSW.

 OTL was established to assist and support opioid treatment in NSW. Listening to individual stories, answering questions, recording problems and treating clients and professionals with dignity and respect is the basis of OTL work.

 OTL is a confidential, anonymous service giving voice to those who would like to raise their issues privately or officially. OTL works with both the patient and the treatment provider in order to help clarify and resolve problems, or can act as an intermediary, explaining the reasoning behind certain decisions and how they relate to the Opioid Treatment Guidelines.

 OTL is often the first place opioid dependant people contact when trying to access treatment.  OTL can provide the contact details of services that are available. The availability of OTL means individuals can be helped through the understanding of the various treatment options.

 OTL also provides feedback to other organisations, involved with opioid pharmacotherapy  treatment including NSW Health, Justice Health, the Health Care Complaints Commission  (HCCC), NSW Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit, NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA), Opioid  Treatment Managers' Group, and the Pharmacy Guild.

 OTL can collect information from callers to assist in resolving issues in treatment or accessing treatment.

 Frequent calls to OTL include questions around:

  • Types of treatment available

  • Where and how to access treatment

  • NSW Guidelines around treatment and clients' and providers' rights and responsibilities

  • Problems contacting or communicating with treatment providers

  • Transferring between areas, states and countries

  • Dissatisfaction with treatment

 Whatever your question or concern, OTL will listen and help wherever possible.

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm, NOT AVAILABLE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS1800 642 428Opioid Treatment Line OTL (formerly MACS)
24/07/2018 2:41 PMROGERS, Peter

For the cost of a local call (except from mobiles), professional Quitline advisors provide encouragement and support to help you cut down, quit smoking or stay quit. Quitline also offers multilingual services.

Call Quitline and

  • Request a free quit kit
  • Talk to the specially trained telephone advisors
  • Take part in the free callback service, where advisors ring back to support you while you are quitting

Advisors can

  • Give you information and advice about quitting smoking
  • Help you assess your level of nicotine dependence
  • Provide strategies on preparing to quit and staying quit
  • Provide information on products and services to help you quit
  • Encourage and support you in your quit attempts
  • Assist you to work with lapses or relapse

Ring 13 7848 (13 QUIT)

Calls from landlines are the cost of a standard call.
Calls from mobiles are charged at the standard rate.

Monday to Friday 7.00am – 10.30pm

Saturday and Sunday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Public Holidays 9.00am – 5.00pm​

Outside these hours you are welcome to leave a message with your name and contact phone number and a Quitline Advisor will call you back.

Websites for quitting

NSW Quitline website
Australian Quitline website
Smartphone Apps for Quitting 

Callers can phone the following numbers to speak with a Quitline Advisor in their own language or to leave a message to be called back in their own language. Message instructions are given in the appropriate language.

Monday to Friday 7.00am – 10.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9.00am – 5.00pm, Public Holidays 9.00am – 5.00pm13 7848NSW & ACT Quitline
27/07/2018 2:45 PMROGERS, Peter

​The Sexual Health Infolink is a telephone and internet based information and referral service. It is staffed by specialist sexual health nurses and promotes the sexual health of the NSW community by providing accurate and timely information and referral options. In particular, the service specialises in HIV and STI risk assessment, testing, treatment and support. The service also provides specialist support to nurses, doctors, counsellors and other professionals who are caring for people with sexual health problems. 

The telephone line is open from 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Also visit Play Safe which is a sexual health website for young people. It features a sexual health Q&A service, service locator, online forum and a quiz. Click on the button below.

 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm (excluding public holidays)1800 451 624The Sexual Health Infolink is a telephone and internet based information and referral service.Sexual Health Infolink
29/08/2018 12:28 PMROGERS, Peter

This is a line for people who have concerns about psychostimulants (crystal, ice, coke, MDMA, etc) use. STL operates 24 hours, 7days a week, offering education, information, support, referral, and counselling for people concerned about stimulants, STL can also refer people to treatment services that specialise in psychostimulants.

 STL was established when it was recognized that there was an increasing and problematic use of methamphetamines like crystal or ice in the community. It was also recognized that many people who used these types of drugs were hesitant in approaching traditional alcohol and other drug services.

 The STL can provide brief intervention to callers and may also provide referral to other, non-specialist alcohol and other drug sevices, including the Stimulant Treatment Program (STP). STP provides itensive counselling and other interventions, including medication, for those people who are wanting help to cutdown or stop their psychostimulant use.

24 hour support line1800 10 11 88Stimulant Treatment Line (STL)
26/07/2018 9:03 AMROGERS, Peter

​​​Available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

1300 DRIVER is anonymous, confidential and staffed by experienced health professionals. Your phone number does not appear when you call and calls are not recorded.

Education, information, one-off and ongoing support, and referrals for long haul truck drivers and their families with issues related to health, wellbeing, stress, anxiety, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and lifestyle.

1300 DRIVER offers support via telephone, Twitter, and website

If you are a long haul truck driver, and have questions or experience issues related to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, including

  • Struggling with managing sleep, long hours, alertness and thinking about stimulants;
  • Having problems relaxing and getting sleep when you get home, and thinking about substances as a way to come down;
  • Have anxiety and stress issues as a result of the job demands, and are looking at substances as a way to manage;
  • Changing smoking habits to meet work demands;

Talk to 1300 DRIVER, get some answers and some support now.

If you have a truckie in the family and you are worried about them, call 1300 DRIVER for information and referral. Check out the 1300DRIVER website.

National organisation supporting #Truckies, including respite facility- Trans-Help Foundation

24 hour support line1300 374 8371300 DRIVER (1300 374837)
24/10/2018 10:55 AMROGERS, Peter

Your Service Hub is an online directory of alcohol and other drugs support, health and welfare services. If you need support for your own or someone else's substance use, you should use terms in Find Services like:

  • drug and alcohol family support

  • drug and alcohol Aboriginal services 

  • drug counselling

  • drug and alcohol rehabilitation

  • drug and alcohol residential treatment

along with your suburb name to narrow the search to services near you.

Not sure what service you need? Call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on 1800 250 015.

Your Service HubYour Service Hub is an online directory of health and welfare services you can use if you need support for your own or someone else's substance use. Your Service Hub
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