iCanQuit! Smoking in pregnancy campaign launches


In partnership with the state government, NSW Cancer Institute has launched the Smoking in Pregnancy campaign. The initiative aims to motivate women aged 16-40 who smoke and are: planning a pregnancy, are pregnant or have recently given birth - to make a quit attempt.

Research shows that smoking during pregnancy is the biggest contributing factor to the development of complications and can cause significant health issues for the child throughout their life.

The campaign is based on formative research that revealed there was a limited awareness of the health risks associated with smoking when pregnant and of the support available to stop. The research found that raising awareness of the harms of smoking during pregnancy was more likely to lead to positive behaviour change.

Smoking in Pregnancy includes relatable imagery and positive, non-judgemental language to promote the health benefits of quitting smoking.

Not only does quitting smoking benefit the individual, but it is also is beneficial to the family. Children in non-smoking households are less likely to develop asthma and other respiratory conditions.

There is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. Any exposure to tobacco smoke—even an occasional cigarette or exposure to second hand smoke—is harmful. Smoking just one to four cigarettes a day almost triples a person's risk of dying from heart disease or lung cancer.

The campaign launched on April 15th and is supported by the Koori Quitline Facebook page.

To find out more information about quitting smoking visit iCanQuit.com.au

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