New Quick Guide to Drugs & Alcohol - State Library of NSW


Available now – online and at your local public library – is a new resource that can help to answer your questions about different drugs and alcohol and their effects. The Quick Guide to Drugs and Alcohol has a new 3rd edition with updated information and new chapters on caffeine and steroids.

The book is set out in easy-to-read sections suitable for anyone in the community who wants accurate, factual information about drugs and alcohol. It covers short- and long-term effects of individual drugs, treatment options, the laws that relate to drug use, possession and manufacture, drugs, alcohol and driving, and alcohol, drugs and young people.

Written by drug and alcohol experts from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, the book covers alcohol, tobacco and a range of other drugs, such as methamphetamine, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, GHB and hallucinogens.

The Quick Guide to Drugs and Alcohol is published by Drug Info, a specialist service of the State Library of New South Wales, in partnership with the NSW Ministry of Health. The service manages the Drug Info website, a collection of plain language books and factsheets held in NSW public libraries and public programs delivered by public library staff. 

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