New CBT based activities featured in Daybreak


​Daybreak, an alcohol behaviour change program by Australian social enterprise Hello Sunday Morning, now includes a collection of 37 activities based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 

Daybreak was developed from seven years of insights running the world's largest community for alcohol behaviour change. It aims to bridge the gap for those who are seeking support for their alcohol use but don't need or want residential care. The mobile app delivers a combination of clinical best practice, professional coaching, peer support and cutting-edge technology. The program can be delivered in a cost-effective way to all Australians, wherever and whenever they need support with their alcohol use.

The new activities, named Experiments, have been developed by the program's health coaches with the specific goal of helping members to build on five skills known to help with the behaviour change process: mindfulness, connectedness, resilience, situational strategies and health.

The feature has been made possible thanks to the support of Google and gives members access to a level of clinical support that may otherwise be out of reach due to economic or geographic barriers.

The next stage of this partnership will implement machine learning to make custom Experiment recommendations to each individual based on their personal preferences, goals, and progress.

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