Gold Harold Awards 2018: Celebrating the great work being done in our community


​Earlier this month over 300 supporters, sponsors and friends from across Australia were brought together by Life Education at the annual Gold Harold Awards to celebrate those who have contributed to the safe and healthy development of the nation's children.

This year it was clear that the recurring theme was passion within the community, with MC Melissa Doyle recognising the role that it plays in the work of Life Education and specifically the remote areas in which it operates.

"Life Education works in many remote indigenous communities spread across Australia, in particular, the Top End," said Melissa. "This is amazing work, but as you could appreciate, it's not without its hurdles."

At the event on April 12th, Life Education paid tribute to their outgoing chair Tony Hasham AM, awarding him with the Gold Harold 'Best Mate' award. Tony was recognised as being instrumental in the birth of Life Education and has served on the board for over 30 years.

Each year, the Gold Harold Awards acknowledges and appreciates a commitment to Australia's children and their futures. This year the awards were presented to individuals that showed a particular passion for the wellbeing and inspiration of children in the fields of sports, education, health and media.

Life Education provides preventive health and drug education to Australia's children, with the aim of instilling children with the capabilities they need to make considered decisions about their own wellbeing.


For an ongoing commitment to the Australian Community and generous support of Life Education, Grahame Mapp AM was awarded the prestigious Humanitarian of the Year Award.

"Grahame's personal commitment to the community has been extensive with his philanthropy extending across a range of charitable causes, particularly children's organisations," commented Tony. "This includes the valuable work of Life Education Australia"

Subaru Motorsport team driver, Molly Taylor won the sports award, Eddie Woo was crowned the winner of education, internationally renowned researcher Prof. Ian Hickie AM was awarded for his efforts in health, and Jessica Rowe AM was the media award winner.

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