Stay OK

The Stay OK toolkit is a collection of print and digital creative assets designed to target young people (particularly festival-goers) with important harm minimisation messages.

The Stay OK assets aim to:

  • increase awareness of the signs of MDMA / ecstasy overdose
  • encourage festival/event goers to seek medical help for themselves or their friends at a festival/event
  • provide festival/event goers with important harm reduction strategies to help ensure they Stay OK

Stay OK campaign assets

The Stay OK assets available for download on this page are in the following formats:

  1. Posters
  2. Screen assets
  3. Videos
  4. Digital advertising and email assets

Stay Ok branding

By using the Stay OK brand you agree not to alter or amend the Stay OK logo, as outlined in the Stay OK Style Guide, including placing the Stay OK logo alongside branding or content associated with negative health outcomes, or in direct conflict with health promotion and/or safety messages.

Background and messaging

The Stay OK campaign has been developed by NSW Health in consultation with festival goers, creative partners, music festival partners and peer support organisations. The Stay OK concept was tested with 200 18-24 year olds who had attended a music festival in the past 12 months. The majority had experienced and witnessed drug related harm.

  • 80% agreed "it makes me feel like I can seek medical help at music festivals if I feel/see others who are unwell"
  • 82% agreed "it makes me want to party safely at music festivals"
  • 81% agreed "it motivates me to look out for the safety of others at music festivals"

The Stay OK campaign delivers the following key harm reduction messages:

  • Know the signs and symptoms of overdoing it and get help fast
  • You won't get into trouble by seeking help
  • Peer support is available
  • Look after yourself and your mates

Further safety advice and information can be found at the campaign website at

Downloading files: When downloading the below files, your browser may open or preview the file in a new tab, if this occurs simply save the file from your browser by right clicking and choosing ‘save as’ or by following the ‘Download a file’ Google Chrome instructions.

For information and advice on how to use the Stay OK brand contact


Note: The below 'Print-ready' PDFs are files designed for commercial printing i.e. with crop marks and bleeds.

Get help fast collection

Get help fast A2.pdf

Get help fast A2 print-ready.pdf 

Get help fast A3.pdf

Get help fast A3 print-ready.pdf

Get help fast A4.pdf

Get help fast A4 print-ready.pdf

Get help here collection

Get help here A2.pdf

Get help here A2 print-ready.pdf

Get help here A3.pdf

Get help here A3 print-ready.pdf

Get help here A4.pdf

Get help here A4 print-ready.pdf

Look after your mates collection

Mates A2.pdf

Mates A2 print-ready.pdf

Mates A3.pdf

Mates A3 print-ready.pdf

Mates A4.pdf

Mates A4 print-ready.pdf

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Screen assets

The following static digital assets were designed to appear on screens but can be used on other digital platforms such as on social media.

Screen assets.pdf

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Signs and symptoms versions 1 and 2

  • Version 1 ends with a dancing woman transitioning into the Stay OK logo
  • Version 2 ends with a dancing man transitioning into the Stay OK logo

9 x 16 ratio

Signs 1 electro bounce music.mp4

Signs 2 electro bounce music.mp4

600 x 750px

Signs 1 electro bounce music.mp4

Signs 2 electro bounce music.mp4

Paramedic - Chenea


9 x 16 ratio

Chenea 6 sec soulful house music.mp4

Chenea 15 sec soulful house music.mp4

1080 x 1350px

Chenea 6 sec soulful house music.mp4

Chenea 15 sec soulful house music.mp4

Overdose survivor - Sophie


9 x 16 ratio

Sophie 6 sec mellow house music.mp4

Sophie 15 sec mellow house music.mp4

1080 x 1350px

Sophie 6 sec mellow house music.mp4

Sophie 15 sec mellow house music.mp4



1080 x 1350px

SAM 15 sec happy house music.mp4

Warning signs of overdoing it (animated text only | no audio)


1080 x 1080px

Signs 5 sec video.mp4

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Digital advertising and email assets

The following is a range of MRECs (medium rectangle), leaderboard and email banner ads for use on your website or in EDMs (email direct marketing), please hyperlink these assets to

MRECs (medium rectangle)

MREC dimensions are 300 x 250px


Animated MREC version 1.gif

Animated MREC version 2.gif

Static MREC.jpg


Leaderboard dimensions are 728 x 90px

Leaderboard NSW Gov branded

Animated leaderboard.gif

Email banners

Email banner dimensions are 600 x 240px

Email banner NSW Gov branded

Email banner.jpg

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