What is the Opioid Treatment Line (OTL)?


The Opioid Treatment Line (OTL) is a telephone helpline that offers information, guidance, referrals and advice about treatment for opioid dependence, e.g. heroin, morphine and codeine.

Calls to OTL are anonymous and confidential, but you may wish to provide your details if you want OTL to help you address an issue.

How can the Opioid Treatment Line (OTL) help?

OTL can help you with the following areas:

  • Finding an opioid treatment program in your area: OTL can provide information about public and private treatment services in NSW and ACT. While OTL cannot provide information about whether services have any vacancies, they can give you phone numbers to contact the services directly to find out about vacancies.

  • Concerns about your treatment: Sometimes, people who are on a pharmacotherapy program will experience problems with their treatment provider. OTL cannot override a decision made by your treatment provider, but depending on your circumstances they may be able to contact your service to try and mediate an outcome which is satisfactory to you and the service involved. If the issue cannot be resolved in this way, OTL can provide you with information about how to appeal decisions made regarding your treatment.

How do I contact the Opioid Treatment Line (OTL)?

You can call OTL for free* on 1800 642 428
*charges may apply to calls from mobile phones

OTL operating hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm (closed on public holidays)

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