What effects will a drug have on me?


The effects of a drug differs depending on the type and amount of drug, the health of the person taking it, the way our bodies react, other drugs taken around the same time, and - in the case of illicit (street) drugs - what ingredients have been used to make the substance.

  • Different drugs have different effects. For example, alcohol is a depressant, while caffeine is a stimulant.

  • Different people may experience different effects from taking the same drug as another person.

  • Our bodies may react differently at different times, so you may not always have the same effect you have had with the same drug before.

Drugs such as speed, cocaine and ecstasy can contain harmful ingredients (contaminants), so you can never be certain what has been used to make the substance. This can also vary between batches. 

To find out about short- and long-term effects, withdrawal symptoms, and other aspects of drug use, have a look at the A-Z of Drugs on this website.

Who can I talk to if I want to get more information about the effects of a drug?

A health professional can talk to you about a wide range of drug and alcohol issues, and provide information about specific drugs, such as alcohol, heroin, ice, cannabis and misusing prescription medications. 

You can talk to a health professional about the effects of drugs, your concerns regarding use, the signs of intoxication, dependence, withdrawal and other aspects. 

You can also call ADIS to speak with a counsellor about finding a suitable treatment service in your area.

To find out how to access support, go to the Getting Help page.

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