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Drinks Meter app

App available for iPhone and Android

Drinks Meter

Drinks Meter app

Drinks Meter is an app that gives you confidential, personal feedback about your alcohol use based on advice from doctors and Australian guidelines.

Drinks Meter is:

  • Free to download
  • A user-friendly app on your phone where you can easily enter what alcoholic drink you had in the past 7 days and how much you spent.
  • Shows what you've been drinking in equivalent standard drinks, how many kilojoules/calories you've consumed, shows that as equivalent foods like cheeseburgers or chocolate bars, adds up your weekly spend, as well as how your drink compares to national alcohol guidelines and other users of Drink Meter.

  • Personalises your feedback as it adjusts risks based on family & medical history (e.g. BMI, prescription medication, mental illness and addiction)

  • Has tools to help you cut down your drinking, like setting a goal for the next week, tracking how much you're drinking in the diary and the interactive pouring tool to help you understand what a standard drink is. 

Get started by downloading the Drinks Meter app through your app store.

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